Feature Article: Four weeks until Christmas

Just over four weeks!!

Each year during the holiday period, Real+ has shut its doors and enjoyed some down time.

This year is different! The Real+ Outsourced team will be in full swing.

While our client’s offices may be closed, they can do so knowing their trust account is still being processed in the same, reliable way and the owners will receive payments the same as any month.

How can our Outsourced team help you this holiday period?

The Christmas break is just over four weeks weeks away and fast approaching!

Real+ Outsourced specialise in:

  • full trust management
  • end of month
  • holiday cover

We want to ensure this year that as many real estate agents as possible can take a break. Yes, that’s you!

We can arrange one of our trusted consultants to step in for you or your trust accountant to administer some or all the functions of your trust account.

Our team is available to assist with daily receipting, reconciliation and invoicing or only processing end of month.  We’ll provide as much help or as little as you need or want.

So be kind to yourself…

Why not give yourself a Christmas holiday free of stress and worry. Contact Real+ Outsourced to discuss the holiday coverage options for your business.

Call  02 8355 4999

Email team@realplus.com.au

More on Outsourcing your Trust Accounts

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Keep Your Cool This Christmas

Only 4 weeks!

With just over 4 weeks till Christmas, the pressure is on to get everything in order before we close the doors for the well-deserved break. So how can you stay sane during the craziest, busiest times when the pressure is on and stress levels are rising?

Keep calm, it’s only Christmas

Learning how to remain calm in times of stress will not only have immediate effects, it can also over time, help you manage these situations better throughout the year.

Here are our steps to take to keep your cool when the heat is on:

  • The cause of your stress

    Is your heart racing because some crazy driver just cut you off? Or is it really because of the major tribunal happening tomorrow? Think for a moment about what is really bothering you and can you control it.

  • A positive response

    Even if you can’t change the source of your stress, you can choose how you respond to it. The appropriate response should depend on what’s causing it, most things can be resolved. Ask yourself some questions: Will this matter in a week, a month, a year? How much control do I have of the situation?

  • Take action

    Getting stressed or sitting around worrying or procrastinating isn’t going to resolve anything. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting stuck into it. Once you’re into it, you’ll be far less stressed and wonder what you were so worried about.

  • One step at a time

    Sometimes resolving a situation will take several steps, or you may have several things to get done. Write out a plan and time frame for completing each task. Then, just take one step at a time and just put one foot in front of the other.  (Think about how you can plan better for next time).

  • What can you control?

    If a situation is beyond your control, then there’s no use worrying about something you can’t change. Try deep breathing, distracting yourself with something else that makes you happy. Visualise relaxing things, physically remove yourself from the location of the stress. (Try the ‘Calm’ app to assist).

  • Set realistic expectations

    If you continue to be stressed, perhaps you aren’t setting yourself realistic goals, time-frames for completion, or expectations with your clients. Sometimes it can be hard to accept that we can’t do everything. Reduce the expectations either from yourself or those around you and learn from your experiences.

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FEATURE: Do You Recognise Your Own Wins?

As employees and employers, we all understand that reward and recognition play key roles in our businesses.

Do you take the time to recognise yourself and reflect on your own success?

As a culture, Australians tend to be very hard on themselves. We tend to aim high and often batter ourselves with tough internal self-talk, without taking time to reflect on all that we have achieved.

As we lead into the end of 2017, many of us will be reassessing our goals and aspirations, both within our businesses and personally. As the year ends, I challenge you to make your own achievements list.

Grab a pen paper and write it down.

Your Achievements List

There are endless possibilities as to what may be included.

Personally it could have been any number of milestones – taking up a new hobby, spending more time with the kids, taking a holiday. It could be that you saved more, spent more, enjoyed life a little more. Or when it came to ticking a big life goal off your list – wedding, baby, property purchase – perhaps 2017 was your year?

Professionally, think about your team & your PM department. What were the big goals achieved? What were the milestones reached and what did you individually really nail this year, not matter how big or small?

The longer the list you can make, the better able you are to understand and recognise how the hard work has paid off. It could be that:

  • your average rent and fees increased
  • your arrears are now consistently lower
  • you had your best listing month ever
  • or that you simply feel like you enjoy what you do.

Take that list and put it somewhere where it is easily accessible. Add to it often and review it when you have a tough week. It is a wonderful place to start once it comes time to set new goals and challenges for the year ahead.

From the team at Real+ “High Five!” on your achievements list. And be sure you regularly give yourself some internal high fives!

We’d love to hear about your achievements – send us your comments below.


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Do you have a masters in procrastination?


Procrastination is that wonderful little technique that enables us to lose track of those precious hours while catching up on the latest internet craze. We can all be a little guilty of this from time to time. It can often sneak up on us when we are distracted, our brains are overwhelmed or we would like to avoid a difficult situation.

If you find that your brain space strays to thoughts like:

  • “I can always do it tomorrow (or next week, next month, next year)”
  • “The deadline is kind of flexible,” “I’ll do it soon,” or
  • “The due date isn’t for ages…”

Then it may be a sign that you are also falling into the procrastination void.

How to avoid it

In avoiding getting bogged down with procrastination, implementing methods like tracking your activity can help with understanding where you time goes. If I were to ask you how long an average task would take, would you be able to answer it with certainty? We don’t often know how long something takes, which can lead to the statements like, “Oh, is it that time already?”

Time logging

A time log can assist in working out where that time goes. You might also like to have a stopwatch on your desk and time yourself to check. There are also some great apps out there to track your activity both on your phone and your computer. More recently I have heard of an app called Forest which aims to help regain focus and remove procrastination.

When working with a team, it is also important to keep in mind that not everyone will work in the same way you will. We are all unique and don’t always march to the beat of the same drum. As humans, we are wired differently. When it comes to our relationships with our work and with others, we will look at it at varying levels and this includes our relationship with time.

Final note

It is important to recognise that your expectations of time and how to control it may be different to someone elses. If you find that you are becoming distracted by others, it may mean finding some quiet space. Or you may be the ‘distractor’ which may mean some self-awareness around habits to avoid distracting others.

Benjamin Franklin was once quoted as saying; “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today”. So, what is it that you are trying to put off until tomorrow and can you do something today that your future self will thank you for?

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  • TIP #1. Scheduling time for the unscheduled

    Would you agree that the hardest thing about property management is time management? The issues around this arise generally because there is always something that comes up that was not planned for. So schedule time for the unscheduled. Set aside an hour a day as ‘nothing’ time. This way, when something comes up, you can use this time. Or uou can reschedule another task into this time slot, freeing up time to action what needs to be done.

  • TIP #2. Good news / No news calls

    I used to always feel like the bearer of bad news when I was calling a client, and I generally was. I was either calling them because something needed to be fixed or because their tenant was moving out, or the rent was late. They were never happy to hear from me. With my personality, that killed me. I set about changing that and started to call my owners with either good news or no news. I’d call them to let them know I’d just driven past the house and it was looking good. I’d tell them that the tenants mentioned to me that they would be looking to renew their lease when it finishes. I’d sometimes  just to call and ask if there was anything I could be doing better for them. I also started calling owners after routine inspections to tell them that everything was fine.It completely changed their attitude towards me and they started to look forward to my calls.

  • TIP #3. Weekly planning

    We understand that PM’s are juggling a lot. Without a plan, you jump from task to task, and there are inevitably things that are forgotten.Have a weekly plan for all the ‘big ticket’ items. Maybe on Mondays you do rent reviews and lease renewals, Tuesdays and Thursdays are periodic inspections, and Wednesdays and Fridays are for non-urgent maintenance.

  • TIP #4. Rent arrears

    Jump on rent arrears ASAP. Don’t leave it until day 7 to look who is behind. Check your arrears EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Start making calls on day 3 and don’t forget about them. Also, ensure that if it reaches day 7 you let the owner know. As an owner there is nothing worse than getting to pay day and seeing that no rent has been transferred. Keep them informed and let them know what you’re doing to get the rent for them.

  • TIP #5. Your tenants are your future clients

    Be the Property Manager that you would want to manage your own property. Action the maintenance, respond to calls and emails. Do all the small, expected things, despite how pushed for time you are.I n the long (or maybe even not-so-long) term, you will create for yourself a pipeline that never dies. Your tenants will become your clients, time after time.

  • TIP #6. One-day rule

    Implement the 24-hour rule. Promise your owners and tenants you will respond to every phone call and email within 24 hours. It might be just to say, ‘got your email, I’ll look into this and come back to you by (date)’. Always tell someone when they can expect to hear back from you.

  • TIP #7. Get to work early

    ‘The early bird gets the worm.’ Be the person who gets to work that little bit earlier, even if just 15 minutes. This will allow you to make a cuppa, check emails and your diary, ready for a planned and relaxed start to the day. Being prepared for what you must get done that day will make a real mental difference.

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