Using the intellectual property accumulated over years of coaching and training, Real+ coaches work with groups developing strategy, refining skills, troubleshooting business challenges and improving the performance of your business and the individual.


As you would be well aware, it is almost impossible to deliver a training session to a group of people and have 100% of the content relevant to 100% of the room. Here is where the benefits of a personal coach shine. With the development of a completely bespoke learning and development program focused on the outcomes of one individual, rapid results can occur, not to mention a few results you didn’t expect.

Our coaches provide services across all facets of Real Estate to all levels, and are set on a monthly retainer, meaning you have your coach on call should you require urgent support. Most sessions are held virtually saving precious travel time for the coachee.

Of course if you want to get face to face we still do that too.


Available as an add-on to Real+ membership at an exclusive discounted rate, these hourly sessions are run once per month, are capped at 4 attendees, and are include to geographically exclusive businesses to ensure transparency and collaboration.

Coaching groups typically formed with like minded goals and roles;

  • New Business Managers
  • Department Managers
  • Directors
  • Sales Agents

What kind of areas do we cover? Pretty much every element of a business, from opening a new one, to shutting one down and everything in between. As an indication your program can include;



  • Direct Connect
  • EBM
  • Rockend
  • BMT
  • Inspection Manager
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