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The culture at Real+ is based on teamwork, the love of what we do, and an exceptionally high care factor - for our clients, our partners and importantly, for each other.

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  • Fiona Blayney

    Fiona Blayney CEO + Coach + Consultant + Trainer

  • Lauren Kirk

    Lauren Kirk GM + Coach + Trainer + Consultant

  • Sarah Dawson

    Sarah Dawson Head of Growth

  • Janine Kennedy

    Janine Kennedy Senior Outsourced Consultant

  • Ali McGavin

    Ali McGavin Senior Recruitment Consultant

  • Heidi Walkinshaw

    Heidi Walkinshaw Coach + Consultant + Trainer

  • Kate Benjamin

    Kate Benjamin Coach + Consultant + Trainer

  • Margaret McManus

    Margaret McManus Trust Consultant

  • Rachel Douglass

    Rachel Douglass Marketing & Graphic Design

  • Chris Watson

    Chris Watson Senior Accountant

  • Alex Bozinovski

    Alex Bozinovski Senior Accountant

Fiona Blayney CEO / Coach / Consultant / Trainer

Specialist in Leadership & Property Management

Fiona Blayney is CEO & Director of the highly successful consultancy, training and recruitment business Real+, specialising in estate agency services in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K and the U.S. Over the past fourteen years she has developed a reputation for being one of the best business strategy, talent and growth specialists around.

Fiona’s energetic and motivational presence has ensured her popularity at industry events. She regularly performs keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, facilitated panels and acts as MC for many of the leading industry groups both in Australia and abroad.

Known for her no holds barred approach, Fiona believes her role as an Industry Thought leader is to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and in general “break stuff”, then work with her clients to get personalised results.

Passionate about Real Estate since her first day in the profession in 1992, it would be fair to say that whilst Fiona has learnt along the way, there are many a person and business that has benefited from time spent with her. Whether she is building a strategy with a start up, or mentoring a veteran through their exit programme, Fiona is a chameleon of talent.

Oh and by the way, Fiona works directly with the team at TRET to bring you ARPM the largest independent Residential Property Management conference on the industry calendar.

What Fiona's clients say...

We’ve just had another record month and we can directly connect your coaching to this result.

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Lauren Kirk GM / Coach / Trainer / Consultant

Specialist in Leadership & Property Management

Lauren has accumulated a vast amount of experience in her fifteen years in the real estate industry. Working across all aspects of real estate, including sales, property management, business development and leadership as well as working with a corporate network to grow and develop their businesses, she has a range of knowledge to assist individuals and teams who are looking to develop, learn and grow within the ever-changing property management world.

Travelling the roads and airways of Australia Lauren has met, encouraged and celebrated success with agencies of all shapes and sizes, with all level of aspirations.

Developing bespoke training programs for individuals and offices, creating and customising current systems and processes as well as deploying the technology to maximise returns, Lauren has built a strong reputation for simply being able to help get stuff done.

When it comes to assisting businesses to increase performance Lauren brings her skills to the fore. “Building business is not just about “growth” by way of the number of transactions, it’s about making smart decisions on strategy, product, people, and process, and then keeping everyone accountable to the plan”.

Fortunately, Lauren is comfortable in front of a large or small group of people, which ensures her message can be reached via the classroom, conference room or in an office one on one.

Ultimately though, Lauren’s true passion is people. “It never ceases to amaze me what people can do when they put their minds to it, I love helping them work out how to put their will to the best use”.

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Sarah Dawson Head of Growth

With over 20 + years in the real estate industry Sarah has successfully built and led high performing teams, selling services to businesses ranging from startups to the largest agencies across both Australia and New Zealand.

During this time Sarah has built a reputation for recognising growth opportunity, helping build strategic business plans and ensuring that businesses are operating in the most cost effective and efficient ways.

Sarah is driven by a true interest and passion for the industry and coupled with an ability to relate and connect with people to help them feel comfortable in sharing their ideas and goals is a winning combination.

Sarah is excited by the suite of products and services the Real + loop makes available to our customers. “Collectively we have over 120 years of real estate experience between us making us a trusted choice in all facets of the real estate journey”

As Head of Growth, Sarah, and her team, are excited to be able to help build a strategy that will work for you and your business and guide you on making the right choices to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

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Janine Kennedy Senior Outsourced Consultant

With over a decade in the Real Estate industry, Janine has been delivering high quality customer service in a wide range of real estate roles. Janine’s significant experience in property management and accounts gives her a supreme understanding of the workings, challenges and requirements of across multi facets of a real Estate Business.

Working with the Real+ Outsourced team she has trust accounting covered. Assisting our clients with support and knowledge in the trust account space, Janine can assist with the implementation of Property Tree into your business to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, she offers support in the day to day administration of your trust account, audit services and problem solving when things go wrong.

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Ali McGavin Senior Recruitment Consultant

Specialist in people & relationships

A true industry professional. Having entered real estate at the age of 17, Alison has experienced all aspects of real estate and has worked her way from receptionist to Senior Property Manager and Business Development Manager.

Always striving for the best, Alison was awarded many accolades during her property management career. The highlight of which was becoming the first property manager in the history of her network to receive first runner-up in an International Best New Talent campaign.

With advanced interpersonal and communication skills, building relationships was always Alison’s strongest skill/attribute.  Because of this, it was a natural progression for Alison to join the Real+ Recruitment world, and help others forge a successful career in this amazing industry, just as she had.

For her clients, Alison is acutely aware of what makes a great candidate.  A careful listener, she will work with the client to find exactly what they want and need and tailor her search and interview style to ensure she finds the right person. Quality over quantity is a favourite mantra for her.

A high achiever and driven by results, Alison is the perfect person to have running our recruitment team. 

If you don’t want a ‘Recruiter’, but rather a happy and positive person, driven by the relationship she has with you, then Alison is your girl.

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Heidi Walkinshaw Coach / Consultant / Trainer

Specialist in Property Management

Heidi has been immersed in property management for over 16 years’ dealing in all aspects from leasing, property management, business development and team management. She has worked for 8 years as a Trainer and Consultant, both with small and medium-sized rent rolls, in implementing systems and procedures to increase efficiency, growth and profitability within agencies.

Heidi brings enthusiasm and energy to Real+. She is passionate about system implementation, procedures and team training that can assist in reducing stress and saving time whilst helping clients have a more profitable property management business.

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Kate Benjamin Coach / Consultant / Trainer

Kate has been part of the real estate industry for over 14 years and has an extensive background in property management, business development and team leadership.

Excelling in all areas of team training, her invaluable skills have led her to REAL+ where she is passionate about assisting clients to achieve their maximum potential through the REAL+ training programs.

Through working on some of the toughest portfolios and market conditions, Kate has recognised a need for further ongoing training for property management industry – “Property Management can actually be far more complex and far more demanding on our skills with ever-changing requirements in this consumer driven industry, and therefore ongoing external training is essential.”

Whilst Kate is knowledgeable in all areas of Property Management, including creating seamless property management processes, her true passion is business development.

Kate uses her award-winning experience and knowledge to both fast track her clients business growth and also ensure there are measurable outcomes in place.

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Margaret McManus Trust Consultant

With over 20+ years experience in Real Estate, Margaret has worked across Property Management, Strata Management, Investment Sales and Trust Accounting.

Margaret’s last role was as a Trust Accountant for a large eastern suburbs agency, dealing with both Property Management and Sales Trust. From receipting and bank reconciliations, paying creditors and landlords to processing Exchanges and Settlements, this was a challenging and varied role.

She has had the opportunity to work at Rockend to hone her skills, specialising in Rest support and other various products.

Working as a Property Manager, Strata Manager and Investment selling has enabled Margaret to developed a varied and wide range set of skills to be able to assist with Trust Accounting requirements in different aspects of real estate.

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Rachel Douglass Marketing & Graphic Design

After completing a Politics degree, Rachel worked in the UK as a Project Manager for many years in the field of International Development. Following this came the decision to return to study and retrain as a Graphic Designer.

She has worked in Design and Marketing for the past four years and is passionate about all elements of design, particularly print.

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Chris Watson Senior Accountant

Having over a decades experience in accounting, being a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), Certified SMSF Association Specialist Advisor, SMSF Association Specialist Auditor and Director of Griffin Super, Chris has been working with Real+ over the past few years.

With a passion for all things numbers, Chris’ honesty and integrity towards his clients, has intertwined with Real+ values making for a harmonious relationship.

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Alex Bozinovski Senior Accountant

Alex is a senior accountant and has broadened his network of accounting experience across business services, tax, audit as well as specialising in SMSF Audit and administration.

He is a qualified Charted Accountant (CA) and registered tax agent.

Alex works alongside Chris Watson to assist Real+ in management of the accounts services of the enterprise.

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