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  • We’ve just had another record month and we can directly connect your coaching to this result.

    Tim Foote

  • Through a one day bootcamp, she renewed their businesses to even greater heights.

    Sara Young

  • This week I have bought in 10 properties!  My confidence has sky rocketed.   I cannot thank you enough, it is going to change this business dramatically.

    Danielle de Morton

  • I truly appreciate your support and am inspired at your ridiculous ability to just think/act/adapt to every situation with such ease. So looking forward to the next catch up.

    Alex Ah Key

  • Everything you say makes complete sense, but it was one of the most inspirational, thought provoking and enjoyable presentations I have seen in a long time.

    Claudine Damianakis

  • Not only did she give me determination but the training session was fun and exciting, she is just hilarious. Not your average boring talk in a classroom that’s for sure.

    Nakita Pringle

  • Our agency joined Real+ about 18 months ago. With the help and assistance of Real+ we have just reached our 2015 target.
    I would recommend Real+ to any agency that wants a competitive edge in their market (except the other agents in our area!)

    Jacinta Kelly


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