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What’s the Impact of a First Impression

Swipe Left or Right? Run fast through a dimly lit carpark? Locked eyes with an interesting stranger across a room? First impressions are alive and well and for good reason.

Fight or flight is a mode that is built into us all. We read a situation, person, or energy the moment we first encounter it. Within milliseconds, we analyze what is before us to make primal decisions on what action we should take. Do we cross the street, turn our gaze, interact, swipe left or right? Do we trust? Do we avoid it? Is it even possible not to judge a book by its cover?

As a consumer, you are making buying decisions every day. As you walk into a store, see a product or interact for the first time with a potential service provider, and our clients and customers are doing exactly the same. The challenge is to create congruency for the intended impression, with the actual impression.

Working with businesses for the last 19 years, I seldom find one who has taken the opportunity to review what a client’s first impression is of their business and identify discrepancies and cost. What happens when you ring your office, attend an open home, visit your website?

How is an actual client and customer handled in that first moment? What is the impression they get of you in that first moment, that first interaction? Is it what you intended?

First impressions can leave clients wanting more or desperate to walk away, never to be seen again. The cost of getting a client in the door in the first place is high enough to warrant a review of the leakage and more. But why do so many of us not take the challenge?

Are we afraid of what we will find? Do we not know where to start? Do we make ego assumptions that everything is as it should be? Do we not know what to do if we discover it’s not as it seems?

Creating consistency in business is as much about setting the intention as ensuring everyone is aware of it. An easy way to start is to ensure every staff member has the same perspective on how clients or customers should “feel” when interacting with you. Providing examples, role play, and insights into how to bring this to life can get everyone on the same page and put your business on a path to consistent first impressions.


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Kickstart your Career in Property Management

When you’re in an interview for a Property Management role, “they” tell you (whoever they are anyway?) that you should never say “I love houses” as your reason for wanting to get into the industry. I love houses, apartments, and everything in between. I love talking about property, looking at it, understanding it. Meeting the people who live in the homes, the ones who bought them, understanding their what and why, and helping them get it. I love it all.

Right now I am fortunate enough to work with the businesses that are the custodians of all of these things I love, and the truth is, they love it too. Property can get in your blood, I wasn’t born with it there, but it’s taken a firm hold.

If you love helping people, navigating the landscape of the “home” and the relationships that encompass it, the Property Management is a great world to play in.  A career that is peppered with the absurd and the unusual, the process and the jack in the box, the highs and the lows, is one that can create a colourful life and a tapestry of memories.

So how can we manage 100’s of relationships, juggle multiple balls, and stay in line with legislation? These are all elements of Property Management that can be taught in theory and in practice and the never-ending learning is what keeps it all fresh.

I love working with newbies to our space, helping them transfer their skills from other industries, teaching, service, retail, and more. The lights go on, and the fun starts, as we unpack humans with their most primal need – security.

There is a comradery in our industry, one that knows we see too much, we see inside the home, inside the life, and we are privileged in doing so. Whether your in the industry already, or looking at a role change, a reminder of why you chose PM or it chose you, is a great way to keep the love alive.


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Steps to Success

Why is it that some people seem to hit every goal they set, whilst others fail half way through or never even make it out of the starting gate? Working with literally 1000’s of professionals over close to 20 years I have found commonalities in the successes and the failures.

In this weeks webinar I spoke about my favourite topic, not goal setting, but achieving success in the goals that we set. It is one thing to set a goal, but how can you do so in a way that will increase the odds of success?

Goals are not, ideas, they are not resolutions, they are outcomes you set with a clear timeline, that require consideration, commitment, astute planning, execution methods and accountability programs before you even get started.

Whilst no goal can be considered in isolation, it must be reviewed across the complex matrix of our lives, we also must ensure that our goal plate doesn’t resemble something like Homer Simpson at the “all you can eat buffet”, overflowing, unappetising, unwanted, unneeded and unachievable.

It’s never too late to start over again when it comes to setting your goals, for the day, the month, the quarter, year or your life. Working your way through your “ideas” and distilling these through the “who are you? What do you want? Why do you want it? thought triangle,  playing off the goals against each other to identify the most desired goal will allow you to narrow your focus and set the benchmark for what you really wish to celebrate.

In my webinar, you can then test the object of your attention, with the SMARTER goals assessor and if it gets the final tick of approval, it’s time to get to work creating the program to make it happen.

It makes sense to spend 30 minutes this week, listening or watching Set for Success, without it you might just end up where you’re headed…. the wrong destination.


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National Growth Insights – Case Studies of Success

Isn’t the desert amazing? Each time I look at an image of the Nevada, or the Great Australian Outback, I am astounded to see that amongst the vastness remains life. Despite the harshest of conditions, we find floral and fauna.

Mother nature has an incredible way of adapting life to suit its surroundings, ensuring that the ecosystem not just survives but continues to thrive, in what we would otherwise thing uninhabitable conditions.

It would be fair to describe 2020 as a harsh year, a period of time when each of us has experienced our own sense of living in a hostile environment, it may have even felt like a desert? Perhaps you are amongst those that adapted to suit the new environment to muddle through, there are some who seem to have remodelled their ecosystem to not just survive, but like the cactus thrive in their new world. I know this to be the case for many of the businesses with whom we work, particularly their BDM’s, did they ever have an option not to?

Over Q1, as we reviewed the work and results of the year that was, and set the plans in place for the year ahead, I was met with real life examples of how harnessing the basics, maintaining consistency, and adapting systems, process and story in New Business Divisions resulted in achievements not too far of the original plans for 2020 set way back in our old world of January, that time before CoVid.

What I discovered provides a great message to every business and BDM interested in creating a robust approach to consistent growth, even in a desert.

Check out this weeks webinar to hear all about it.


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Sharpen your Leasing Toolkit

Time to Review your Leasing Systems?

There is no time like the present to review your leasing systems and ensure that they are up to speed in helping you achieve the best results for your office, no matter what your market outlook appears to be.

More than ever, it is important to remember that you don’t always know who may be a potential tenant walking through the door. First impressions last, so it is important to think about the consumers experience on first encountering your business.

Some areas that you might like to take a look at are:

  • Professional photography

Professional photography for every property as a minimum and ensure that the property has professional looking photos and a floorplan. We are in a time where most people are generally time poor and someone may or may not choose to look at your property depending on the photos that you have online.

  • Virtual reality

Virtual reality is here and a video walk through can add a point of difference when it comes to options to view the property.

  • Details

Include a detailed description with all the features and benefits of the property, as well as the area features, school catchment zones and location.

  • Call back

Return all phone calls and emails or implement an automatic system. Nothing will frustrate someone more than if their enquiry is ignored.

  • Presentation

Presentation is key – from the way you are dressed, to the way the property looks, something to keep in mind that it is not just the property, but your office on show and how you and the property present will be a reflection of that in public perception.

  • Show them

Show them through the property and sell it. Don’t just open the door and stand at the front waiting for them to come out. You will be surprised how much information someone can give up about themselves in ten minutes if you engage in conversation.

  • Get feedback

Find out feedback from the prospective tenant including any flaws or reasons they weren’t interested, which in turn will provide great feedback for your Owner, especially if the feedback is due to the condition or price.

  • Update your owners

Keep your Owners updated throughout the whole process. You are at your highest risk of losing a property when it is vacant, so this is the time that it is important that you are giving the Owner the best service of their life. If you do need to go to them with a price reduction, make sure that you are well armed with comparables. Homework can give you a great advantage.

If you need any more help with leasing systems, please feel free to email us or give us a call on 02 8355 499. We’re here to help.

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