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Check yourself before your wreck yourself

As the famous philosopher (also known as Ice Cube) says:

“you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself”

Now, he may have more knowledge of 90’s pop culture than of mental health, but this does in fact resinate with most of us.

Taking time out to ensure you recharge and refocus can be vital for your health, as well as giving you much needed time to rest, relax and enjoy what is most important in our lives.

Work can take up as much time in your head out of hours as it does when you’re at work. This can then lead to workplace fatigue and anxiety, not to mention a pretty boring companion at the dinner table at night!

In an age when we are always accessible, many clients feel they can contact us whenever it is convenient for them, which often sits outside their work hours – on weekends and at night or even early morning. So how do you set boundaries for yourself, ensuring you leave that phone at the door or, even better, off and take the time you deserve with your family and friends.

Here are some handy hints to help you check yourself:

  1. Realise, and truly understand, that some things can wait until the morning
  2. Before you leave work in the afternoon, write an exit check list – this is a list of tasks to tackle the next day when you are fresh and motivated, then set an out of office message for the night
  3. Create a ‘no work’ space at home where you can invest in your relaxation time, a comfy chair and a book, an exercise machine, or even a game console
  4. Talk to someone, take time out, put free time in the diary to spend with a good friend

So lets’ start with that checklist, move onto some music on the way home, have a chat with the kids over dinner and finish off with something that makes you happy at the end of the day.

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What would you like to be?

A property manager or an account manager – does the skill set of a property manager naturally equate to those of an account manager? What are the differences and how do I become the best version of either to maintain my role and add value? 

There’s a lot of talk in the industry about disruption, evolution and a general feel that we ‘need to change’. One thing we can be sure of is that nobody has a definitive answer and when we think of the characteristics we need to evolve, it can be a little overwhelming.

Really, we just need to get back to basics, build relationships, value interactions and make sure we are providing extraordinary customer service. Review the data that is available to you to make you look super intelligent, super quick!

Identify your key relationships – the owner, the tenant, your regular tradespeople, your suppliers – this is account management, and will ensure you are focusing on dollar productive activity whilst being supported operationally by the wider community.

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What are your non-negotiables?

During the first quarter of the year there are many conversations regarding resolutions and new plans; sometimes so many that you may start to avoid them altogether – “no I don’t ever stick to them” or  “I cant think of any’’ can become regular responses.

It may be simple to take a different approach. We all have areas and points in our life where we know we have reached the edge of our value system, where we feel uncomfortable and are not willing to compromise any further. How we manage that point is an individual choice. 

As an owner of a business, a member of a team or a valued employee each reaction in these environments needs to be considered to avoid affecting those around us. Being personally aware and spending a moment to identify your own personal values can help you to manage your expectations on the year ahead.

  1. List out 2 words that you feel describe you
  2. Do the same for how you believe others see you
  3. Think through the opposite word to describe these personal attributes – this will help you list your non-negotiables – the areas that are outside of your core drivers
  4. Find a place to record the list that you can refer to if you are feeling conflicted about a choice or a situation

For example, if one of the words you chose to describe yourself is “driven” then perhaps staying focused might be a non-negotiable for your year ahead. 

Feel empowered to share these with those around you whether on a personal or professional level. A simple list can be useful and help you work through these throughout the year and help you stay on track throughout the year.

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Honouring our Customer Commitments

We are now on the downward stretch to the end of the year and with this will come lots of festivities and excitement. Also looming is the new years resolution – the commitment for the year ahead! When we make a commitment, we do so with a clear mind on what the outcomes of that commitment will be – we are investing ourselves to the expected outcomes. 

We should consider this with all of our customer transactions and ensure that we are honouring our customer commitments.

  • Discuss and agree on Service Level Agreements – an example of this would be around communication, whether it be online communication, phone communication or email – an agreement  to manage the expectation on response from both parties should be discussed to avoid disappoint or frustrations. It is easy for simple queries to escalate if they are not managed within an agreed upon time frame.
  • Management of funds – Helping your landlords and tenants understand their financial commitments to each other and how you will assist in ensuring a smooth transition to honour your obligations as the agent will help to minimise any stress. Discussing options for payments by the tenant and also the options available for the landlord, how the disbursements are managed for maintenance and utilities and any flexibility you offer in disbursing the landlord funds will show you are engaged with the importance of this function.
  • Data driven decisions – no matter what decision we are making in todays world we look for data to help us, help us compare, help us assess and ultimately to help us decide. So being on the front foot and having data readily available to share to your customers through your marketing channels will help them feel reassured in their decisions. Regularly sharing success stories to your existing clients helps for them to feel secure and comfortable and will also give you great selling tools for attracting new business.

Most importantly, remembering that any decision to invest in a commitment is done so in good faith so the more you can put in place to ensure that you make this a positive experience and show that you have considered the clients needs, will build trust and minimise stress on the partnership.

If you take a small amount of time to find solutions and highlight how this sets you apart you will be confident in the service you can deliver.

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Why should a customer choose you?

Knowing your companies value proposition and being able to clearly articulate this at any time is invaluable to the growth of your portfolios.

A quick spot check around the office in the way of a tap on the shoulder of your peers to ask them “what is our point of difference” – could lead to some interesting discussions.

The importance of the answer to this question is the difference between positioning services or outcomes.  Your customers will connect faster and with emotion to outcomes that they can relate to.

Each existing or prospective landlord will connect with their finances being managed efficiently, meaning on time and clearly explained, they will connect with a reliable turn around on potential vacant properties, they will value a commitment to regular communication, they will appreciate clear instructions on how to self serve when required.

In turn tenants, will value a clear service level agreement to managing maintenance requests, they will also appreciate clear instructions on the best way to communicate or escalate any concerns, details around managing inspection times and that their rights as a tenant and an occupant in their home will be respected

If you are equipped with data, proof and clear scripting that relates to proven outcomes around these points you will be able to gain trust based on fact and proven delivery.

Standing out from the crowd is important today more than ever so commit to finding out your business value propositions so that anytime someone asks you are able to stand tall and promote your point of difference and why someone should choose to trust their property with you.

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