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Conducting a Business Analysis provides a greater understanding of the position of your business and the role everyone plays in it. As a result your consultant will be able to provide insights into how you may improve the people, systems and ultimate profits.

A business analysis is a process by which information is gathered and analysed for the following areas of the lettings business; Financial position, Human Resources and structure, Training and Culture, Systems and Procedures, Consistency, Management, Leadership, Goals, Communication and Marketing.
The outcome of the analysis is to identify the current business position, the desired position and the gaps between the two.

Business Analysis Process
The analysis process consists of on site and off site time allocation; how long is dependent on the size of your business.
During our time together we will review;
1. Director Assessment – A meeting is held with yourself to discover you thoughts on the current business, your personal and business plans
2. Team Assessment – A one on one is held with each team member where we identify the current view of the business, their plans and workshop workflow, accountability and management
3. Personal Investigation – We will lift every “rock” and look through varying components of your business to discover, the “reality” of how your business is performing. You will be asked to provide immediate reports so that we can identify in real time your business pulse.

Business Analysis Report
Upon completion of our analysis a comprehensive report is prepared containing our findings with reference to:

Current Position:There are three sides to every business, the teams perspective, management perspective and the truth. This “reality” report, outlines the current position of all facets of your business, business dependant, this includes elements such as:

  • History
  • Planning
  • Financials
  • Work flow / process
  • People
  • Performance Management
  • Service
  • Technology
  • Growth

Further to our initial vision meeting, our recommendations will cover off the above elements, with reference to changes that will be required, both strategic and otherwise, to move your business towards your vision. This element will also include our findings in regards to your team and structure.

Quick Wins:
During our time both in your office and analysing we identify “quick, non strategic” changes that can be made in your business to increase efficiency, increase income, decrease expenditure, or simply increase customer service.

In our experience, the typically agency will be provided with anywhere between 30 – 50 wins, which more than pay for the entire report, in savings, or increasing income.
Next Steps:

As a result of the Business Analysis Report we will be able to provide you with a full overview of the changes that will be required to effect the necessary change to achieve the business goals. Our overview will include; Structure, Remuneration, Systems, Accountability, Management and Growth plan execution. Together we will identify the services Real+ will provide ongoing.
Our service program may include elements of the following, via varying delivery methods;

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Accountability
  • Systems development

Once we have completed the report, we will be in a position to advise you of this more thoroughly.


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