The Exit Strategy

While onboarding and performance management of employees is often an area that gets the most attention, the process of offboarding a team member is often one that is overlooked.

Exiting an employee out of your business is just as crucial as welcoming someone new as it can send a message to your current team of the value that they have to your organisation in addition to preserving relationships with outgoing employees.

If you don’t currently have a process in place for offboarding someone from your organisation, it is as good a time as any to develop a framework that considers:

  • Impact on the team culture
  • Handover of job responsibilities
  • Importance of the exit interview

Exiting someone from your team is a crucial step in maintaining service levels for your clients as well as building on team morale and culture.


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Steps to Success

Why is it that some people seem to hit every goal they set, whilst others fail half way through or never even make it out of the starting gate? Working with literally 1000’s of professionals over close to 20 years I have found commonalities in the successes and the failures.

In this weeks webinar I spoke about my favourite topic, not goal setting, but achieving success in the goals that we set. It is one thing to set a goal, but how can you do so in a way that will increase the odds of success?

Goals are not, ideas, they are not resolutions, they are outcomes you set with a clear timeline, that require consideration, commitment, astute planning, execution methods and accountability programs before you even get started.

Whilst no goal can be considered in isolation, it must be reviewed across the complex matrix of our lives, we also must ensure that our goal plate doesn’t resemble something like Homer Simpson at the “all you can eat buffet”, overflowing, unappetising, unwanted, unneeded and unachievable.

It’s never too late to start over again when it comes to setting your goals, for the day, the month, the quarter, year or your life. Working your way through your “ideas” and distilling these through the “who are you? What do you want? Why do you want it? thought triangle,  playing off the goals against each other to identify the most desired goal will allow you to narrow your focus and set the benchmark for what you really wish to celebrate.

In my webinar, you can then test the object of your attention, with the SMARTER goals assessor and if it gets the final tick of approval, it’s time to get to work creating the program to make it happen.

It makes sense to spend 30 minutes this week, listening or watching Set for Success, without it you might just end up where you’re headed…. the wrong destination.


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Onboarding New Team Members

Starting any new role can be an exciting and daunting experience for any new recruit, no matter how young, old or their level of experience.

Remember back to when it was your first day at a new company?  Did you experience a seamless induction, or were you thrown in the deep end with no idea what to expect next?

As a Business Owner, Director or Department Manager, it’s important your new team member has the best start possible in your business. A thorough induction process is the key to establishing and retaining long term team members and achieving positive outcomes for both the business and the individual team member.

Have a structured induction process can help team leaders and business Owners to save time when it comes to bringing a new team member on board. It also provides a framework for someone commencing and communicates the expectations from both sides.

If you don’t already have a structured process in place for inducting your new team members, contact our team and we can help you get started.


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Refresh Skills

Whether you’re a new starter or veteran to the Real Estate industry, you will quickly see there is a vast array of skill sets required to be successful in Real Estate. Of course as we sadly know, knowledge fades over time. Our brains can sometimes be better at dumping information we don’t need, compared to compartmentalising and categorising these useful facts we acquire. One of the best ways we have of showing our brain which information is still useful, is by using it! One can easily think of the amount of knowledge you have forgotten from school, which isn’t necessarily complicated, and could be useful.

What this means for our teams and ourselves is that most of us need a review of important concepts, and our fundamental skills from time to time. And this is where refresher learning sessions come in.

When we do this in a team environment, we have a number of additional benefits (apart from strengthening your own skill set) including; Team bonding, long-term memory improvement, reducing mistakes, building efficiency, creates consistency, and it can create discussions on the way we do things now, can it be done a better way?

That’s why it’s important to start with a strong “why.” Give your team members a good reason as to why you want to refresh some skills, and they’ll be more committed. And if they understand the reasoning and are enthusiastic about the course, they’ll be more successful in taking it as well.


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Attracting and Retaining your Team Talent

As the landscape continues to shift in the workplace, it’s important that we constantly review our approach to staff attraction and retention. As the needs of the client and the working environment change, so do the expectations of the employee out there in the market looking to work.

While it can seem like what the employer and employee want are poles apart, in reality everyone wants to work in an environment that inspires, challenges and motivates them to be better than they thought ever possible.

Some of the key areas to consider when attracting and retaining the right people are elements such as:

  • An enriching and rewarding culture that promotes collaboration and the opportunity for growth,
  • Ensuring that right people are in the right roles. Not trying to fit round pegs in square holes will help with overall engagement and retention,
  • Providing challenges that promote personal growth and rewards and support through those challenges,
  •  Consistency in the communication and expectations from leadership
  • Regular training, support, and opportunities for career progression

If you would like some help in where to get started on building a framework for the humans in your organisation, contact us over at Real+ HQ and we can begin.


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