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We’ve just had another record month and we can directly connect your coaching to this result.

Tim Foote

Through a one day bootcamp, she renewed their businesses to even greater heights.

Sara Young

This week I have bought in 10 properties! My confidence has sky rocketed. I cannot thank you enough, it’s going to change this business dramatically.

Danielle de Morton

I truly appreciate your support and am inspired at your ridiculous ability to just think/act/adapt to every situation with such ease. So looking forward to the next catch up.

Alex Ah Key

Everything you say makes complete sense and it was one of the most inspirational, thought provoking and enjoyable presentations I have seen in a long time.

Claudine Damianakis

Not only did she give me determination but the training session was fun and exciting, she is just hilarious. Not your average boring talk in a classroom that’s for sure.

Nakita Pringle

Our agency joined Real+ about 18 months ago. With the help and assistance of Real+ we have just reached our annual target.
I would recommend Real+ to any agency that wants a competitive edge in their market (except the other agents in our area!)

Jacinta Kelly

I have registered with several agencies over the past couple of months, but I have to say that you are the most professional of the lot!
You take the time to listen, give constructive feed back and actually follow up with calls.
Just thought i should let you know I appreciate your efforts.
Keep up the good work!

Shekhar Maharaj

I had the pleasure of dealing with Ali McGavin. From the first day we met she was professional and had my best interests at heart. I had lost some faith in recruiters and was near giving up on changing into real estate.. then came along Ali! She was there for me every step of the way, always happy to talk ideas and provide feedback.

It made the job search an easier process and less stressful.

Thank you Ali and the Team.

Asher Roberts

Looking to make a career change is always a bit daunting, but with the support of Angela and the RealPlus Recruitment team they made this a reality. The company and role found for me not only matched my personal values but gives me the opportunity to develop and be challenged for the long term. Thank you again ladies!



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