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Finding a Job

Finding a Job


Your next role has a major impact on your life course, and we understand what a serious decision a change is.  For some the process of applying and interviewing is nerve racking and scary, especially if it’s been a while. We want to remove the vulnerability, and help you take control of your future.

Working with over 5000 candidates across the past 5 years, we know what it takes to find that new role. We’ve developed a process to ensure you don’t feel like a number, know where you stand, and even, when we don’t have anything suitable, can provide you some career advice to get you started.

Step 1: Using our Job Board check out the available jobs. If you see something of interest submit your CV for review by our team

Step 2: Upon receipt of your CV our team will be in touch within 1 business day via email or phone with feedback

Step 3: If you’re skills and knowledge are not compatible with the role for which you have applied, we will see what else we have that may be suitable and get in touch to discuss

Step 4: Where you skills and knowledge do not match our current availability, we will let you know what you need to do by way of training or development to improve

Step 5: Where a match exists, we’ll get you in for an interview. You can be assured, if we have nothing suitable, or no prospects, we won’t waste your time.

Step 6: After interview, its time get you out to our clients. Typically this process is over two stages. First step is your CV will be remodeled and sent to the client

Step 7: When we receive a green light from the client its time for you two to meet.

Step 8: Post interview we’ll get some feedback, and delivery it with transparency. It’s all about setting you up for success if this role doesn’t fit, and finding one that does.

Step 9: If there is a match, its time to make you and offer, upon acceptance, we will hand you over to the client, it’s time for you to deal direct.

Step 10: Keep in touch – we are keen to support you throughout your Career Progression. Who knows we may find you your next role, or you’ll come looking for a candidate for your team.

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