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Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services


Real+ isn’t about simply finding the peg for the latest resource hole in your business. As a multi faceted business we want to ensure you’ve designed the right hole to start with, and quite often the training business is developing the perfect peg.

Before you go looking for our “standard Charges” we’d like to remind you we are not your standard recruitment business. In fact we not big fans of being call “recruiters” . To ensure you know what your options are take a tour of our services. We know you’ll find Recruitment plus more.


Before you start the process to hire your next team member, whether a new position or replacing a recent departure, there are benefits to spending some time in planning mode to ensure you have the strategy, structure and solution right. Real+ offers full Consultancy, DIY products and Free stuff to help you make the right choices, not necessarily the easiest ones.

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Human Resource Support

When it comes to Human Resource Management, most businesses struggle keeping up with the requirements and simply have a lack of time to develop and execute on those elements of People & Culture that attract and retain great talent.

Real+ offers a full consummate of Human Resource Services, from Induction through to Exit Interviews and everything in-between

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Full Search

With the decision made to employ the next team member, it’s time to start the search. Searching far and wide for available talent means that you are sure to access the best talent in today’s market. Full search includes:
Advertising via
+ Online portals
+ Social Media
+ Direct mail campaigns

Network search
+ Job searching Real+ trainee’s
+ Real+ recruitment relationship candidates
+ Passively looking professionals
+ Real+ online groups

Just like when you’re selling a home, we believe the best representation is an exclusive one. We like to make sure we find you the right person, and not have a race to the “fee finish line” with other recruiters, getting paid for a placement.

Temp Staff

Unexpected events happen, sickness, injury, surprise resignations and even planned events like holidays or team days out. Whatever the scenario, when a gap arises in the team, for a short or long period, the result can have financial impact on the business and physical impact on the balance of the team.
With professional “temps” at the ready, you gap can be filled often within 24 hours.

Of course with good planning, holidays can be covered allowing team members to take leave without fear of excessive work when they return, or
vacancies can be filled until the right replacement is found. With temporary skilled staff, business may continue as close to normal until calm is restored whilst service is still maintained.

REAL+ contracts the temp on your behalf, all you need do is look after them whilst they are on site and make sure there is plenty of work. We doubt that will be hard in any Real Estate Business.





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