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When talking about consultancy services available for Human Resources, perhaps the most simplistic way to convey what we can do for you is to identify where Human Resources feature across your business.

Lets take a walk through the People side of your business, right from the beginning.

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1. People Strategy

After developing your business purpose, vision and values, it’s time to take a look at the people you will need to make it happen. Consideration would be given to the roles required now as well as in the short and medium term. As a side, it is smart to check this against your financial budget, knowing when you’ll get revenue, how long you’ll be in the red, and the triggers for employing the next team member will be key to your success past year 1.

2. Job Descriptions

With a rough outline of the organisational chart, it’s time to work exactly what each role will be responsible for, the accountability and reporting lines and of course the key skills knowledge and attributes you’ll be wanting in the person to fill the position.

3. Key Performance Indicators

People want and need to know how they are performing. To ensure you and your team remain on the same page with what is required and remove any grey matter, set benchmarks for performance. These are know as KPI’s.

4. Remuneration Structures

When it comes to remuneration, some roles and the associated personalities of their typical inhabitants perform better under different structures. Designing the right structure can help drive performance and employee engagement. Designing incentive schemes, bonus structures in addition to reward and recognition plans right can be a definer for your success.

5. Reporting & Accountability

It’s one thing to have a performance based remuneration structure and KPI’s, but how do you collate the data that provides the results? Reporting tools for each role allows for transparency of activity and creates a pathway for accountability for activity and results.

6. Review (Monthly and Annual)

A formal feedback program is known to increase employee engagement, job satisfaction and drives overall improvement of business performance and career development. review is a lot more than telling someone they have had a great day as you walk through the office, although that will be important to. Creating a formal structure as well as annual time plan will keep you on track to ensure your meetings are scheduled and anticipated.

7. Induction & Exit Program

Setting people up on the way in and learning from them on the way out provide opportunities for change within your organisation, and in both instances can add invaluable learning. A minimum 30 day plan to get your new team member up and running, that starts before they step foot through the door will minimise the lag time for on-boarding. The exit program for a outgoing team member starts at the moment we know they are leaving, be that from their own doing or yours. Hand over at any level, be that to the business or the incoming replacement is vital for the retention of valuable IP.

These are just some of the areas of Human Resources the Real+ team can support you with. We can work with you to create your own content, deliver content for you, or mentor you through the maze that can be People.

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