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Have you ever wanted to be able to bottle the knowledge, skills and experience held by top performing businesses? Did you ever wish that you had one location where you could go to discover the best methods to improve your business, grow your rent roll, increase efficiency and reduce stress all whilst keeping your client happy? Imagine if you had someone at the end of the phone when you needed practical advice, not just legal jargon? At REAL+ we’ve go you covered with all of this and much more.

Fiona Blayney founded the REAL+ Community in 2012 with a goal of removing the obstacles to education and improvement, even in the most remote areas. With the determination to bring professional education and support into the hands of business owners and their teams into their hands without the need to leave the office at affordable prices.

Become a member of the REAL+ Community today and gain the access you need to find more time, reduce stress, improve profits and grow. With options ranging for individuals and teams, everyone has the ability to be supported in achieving their goals.

What can you expect?

Our online hub allows you to access your community from any smart device. Join over 1500 professionals as you navigate through content spanning all areas of Property Management Business, from start up to shut down.

Whether you are a Business Owner, Leader, BDM, Leasing Consultant, Property Manager or Administrator, with 1 week or a lifetime in the industry we have the content you need to be at your best. 

Interested in furthering your knowledge and skill? Our  highly interactive learning modules are ahead of the field when it comes to e-learning and the Real Estate Sector in Australia.

More than videos, our formal modules are in constant update to ensure they remain relevant. With assessments available for each course, we do not just teach we make sure you learn.

Love that live training feeling? So do we! Our qualified trainers are in the field consulting and coaching agencies and their teams daily so you can be assured when you join us at 12:30pm EST each Wednesday, you will be participating in relevant practical session, filled with tips and tricks that you can implement.

Not able to catch our live session? Need something else that week? Our virtual classroom library hosts over 100 training sessions across all facets of Property Management and Business Ownership. 

Whether you are looking for ways to save time, find new clients, or keep your current ones happy, our virtual classroom is updated weekly, ensuring fresh content as well as tried and tested methods are ready for you to absorb.

Why create a process, write a letter, pose an email, develop a spreadsheet when you could grab a templated version and customise to suit?

The REAL+ team have consulted to 100s of businesses over the past 18 years so there is not much we have not got in our archives.  If it is not live, call the Help Line and lets see what we can dig up for you.

We do not want to be known as the legal eagles, albeit we have plenty of knowledge in that department, we do however want to be your practical support for the mundane and the curly situations, the jack in the boxes that pop up every day.

1300HelpUs is available to all Premium Members, where our experienced consultants will help you navigate the reality of Property Management and assist you to create a path to resolution.

PS We love bowing in to an office debate

With over 1500 members of the REAL+ Community, we know that chatting with fellow professionals is a great way to litmus test an idea. Reach out through the community to your peers, or our Community Manager and get a conversation started.



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